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Welcome to Dome Nightclub Houston

Located in the Heart of Houston’s bustling downtown cityscape lies a premier nightlife experience. Dome Nightclub Houston is A combination of las-vegas style luxuries and modern technological marvels await. 

Below are our curated and themed nights, if you would like to book a section or to rsvp, Click the images for specific info about the nights or click the buttons to contact us.


About Dome Nightclub Houston

Brand new Mega club in Houston with over 30 sections expertly planned out as to no section is a bad section in this nightclub. 

Why Dome Nightclub Houston?

There are Hundreds of nightclubs in the Greater Houston Area. Below are reasons why we are #1:

Right in downtown on Main street, Our location is central and close to almost everyone. The Hottest nightlife in Houston is downtown, and Dome Houston is Right in the middle of it.

Every Section is a good section. There are no Bad sections at Dome Houston. If you would like a layout of the sections to help you choose the most ideal section for your party please feel free to contact us via the button below.

Our Concierge and hostess team will ensure that you have a premium experience. Bottles are brought to your table with an exclusive lightshow. And our Led screens will broadcast your birthday or party message for the entire nightclub to see

With over 40 televisions and Multiple Custom LED-Video walls, The soundscape is more immersive than ever.


Operating Hours

Friday: 10p-2a
Saturday: 10p-2a
Sunday: 10p-2a
Monday-Thursday: CLOSED


If you want to book a section at Dome Nightclub Houston, Rsvp for free entry on normal nights, or have more questions to ask, please hit the button below and our concierge team will respond to your request quickly